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The Oil and Gas Startups podcast showcases industry leaders and founders, and tells their stories.

Chuck’s diverse and entertaining guests do agree on one thing – Chuck Yates Needs a Job.

Join us on our mission to raise the world’s energy IQ, plus learn a lot along the way!

Our greatest ambition is to uncover the role that curiosity plays in shaping our existence as a species.

Join us as we talk with the leaders of the energy capital of the world as they show us how the energy transition gets done.


Join JP Warren as he hosts unscripted, unprepared, candid conversations with various people throughout the energy industry. 


Your weekly dose of energy news with Collin McLelland and Chuck Yates.

Live every Tuesday at 10:30 AM CST on our Youtube Channel.

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What does it take to build a billion dollar E&P company?

Catch the new vlog series with Presidio Petroleum every Wednesday at 9:00 AM CST.

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