Tulsa Time with Don Burdick | Tripping Over the Barrel Podcast

When Tim and Jeremy think about Tulsa, one name immediately comes to mind: Don Burdick. The name Whitey Bulger also comes to mind, but that’s another story for another day…come get on Tulsa time with Don and the fellas to rap about Zion Williamson, Tulsa restaurants, starting an Oil and Gas Company, and how a

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Data Check: The Top 10 Most Productive Oil Wells

An article came up on my LinkedIn talking about the top 10 most productive oil wells. I thought it would be interesting to dive into the top 10 wells and see if there were insights I could make as to why they were successful – what I found was more interesting though.

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What Tools To Use For Remote Work in Oil and Gas

With COVID-19 continuing to spread, Oil and Gas companies have already started to shut down office locations and tell employees to work from home. Even drilling rigs in the Permian are banning outside visitors and third-party salesmen from coming out to location. The oil industry is definitely no stranger to remote work, often operating in

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Novi Labs releases Novi Prediction Engine™ enabling rapid modeling of oil & gas capital allocation scenarios within minutes

By tapping the power of machine learning, Novi allows engineering and planning teams to test critical assumptions about drilling and completion and get instant insight into the materials, designs, and best practices that yield optimal recovery and cost performance — Scott Sherwood, CEO of Novi Labs Novi Labs announces the release of Novi Prediction Engine™, a

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What Happens When You Predict the Downfall of an E&P?

There has been some big news over the last week with prominent accounts on Energy FinTwit surprisingly announcing their retirement. What is Energy FinTwit? If you work in Oil and Gas and you’re not aware of Energy Fintwit, chances are you’re over 40-years-old and aren’t the most savvy when it comes to social media, but

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I Love the Oilfield

I just talked to my mom. She lives in Midland, my stepdad is a completions superintendent for an exploration and production company. She is scared. I can hear it in her voice when she talks to me.I got off the phone with her and started reflecting on everything the oil and gas industry has given

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