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We’re transforming the way energy professionals connect, collaborate, and grow. Collide provides you with the tools and community to excel in the energy industry. Whether seeking advice, exploring career opportunities, or sharing your knowledge, Collide is your go-to resource.

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  • Community: Connect with peers, share insights, and collaborate on industry challenges.
  • Jobs: Discover career opportunities and connect with top employers in the energy sector.
  • AI Chat and Search: Use the power of AI to find information quickly and level up your game.

Upcoming Energy Tech Nights

We’ve thrown over 10 Energy Tech Nights, attracting more than 2000 attendees across the US. Energy Tech Night brings together energy professionals to network and learn about new startups in the space, all while enjoying free beer and pizza.


We’ve produced nearly 1,000 podcast episodes over the past five years, connecting and educating thousands of listeners in the oil and gas industry, fostering a community of informed and engaged professionals.

The Oil and Gas Startups podcast showcases industry leaders and founders, and tells their stories.

Chuck’s diverse and entertaining guests do agree on one thing – Chuck Yates Needs a Job.

We talk with the leaders of the energy capital of the world as they show us how the energy transition gets done.


Your weekly dose of energy news with Kirk Coburn, Mark Meyer, and Chuck Yates.

Each week we chat with top players in the industry about the hottest trends, most profitable strategies, and coolest tools in the world of Bitcoin mining. 

Join us on our mission to raise the world’s energy IQ, plus learn a lot along the way!

What the Funk? is a series that highlights the unique personalities within the Oil and Gas Industry and the stories they have to share.

Each episode equips listeners with insights into the most efficient tools and resources, paving the way for a data-driven future in energy. 

Latest Power hours

Our webinars feature oil and gas experts who provide in-depth insights on specific topics, helping professionals stay informed and ahead in the energy sector.

Join us on May 7 for a comprehensive discussion led by Amy Chronis and Teresa Thomas of Deloitte, as we explore the dynamics of the evolving energy landscape and oil and gas sectors amidst these transformative times, emphasizing the ongoing reliance on upstream oil and gas.

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We’re talking real solutions for the Oil & Gas industry’s hiring challenges, especially for startups.

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In this webinar, we will dissect the industry’s biggest litigation threats in the face of change – climate change, corruption, cyberbreaches, and harnessing the power of big data, IoT, and AI.

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