Oilfield Marketplace on Oil and Gas Startups

Buying and selling in the oil & gas industry can be a long, complicated and tedious process. Oilfield Marketplace is trying to bring the oilfield into the future with an online marketplace to speed up and simplify the buying and selling processes.

Petrospects on Oil and Gas Startups

The last thing you want when you’re completing a well is any sort of frac hit that could mess up your wells, other operators’ wells or cause someone to get hurt. So how do you know who is frac’ing where and when? You’d think there would be some sort of centralized database for this but this is the oilfield. But don’t worry, the guys at Petrospects are solving this problem with their TracFrac product.

IronSight on Oil and Gas Startups

The logistical complexity of oil & gas field operations makes it difficult to stay on top of who is where and doing what. IronSight empowers oil & gas with a single platform to take all of the guesswork out of field operations.

Iconic Air on Oil and Gas Startups

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, first you’ll have to quantify what your carbon footprint actually is. Iconic Air is helping the world’s largest emitting industries decarbonize with its emissions intelligence platform.

Clean Energy Services on Oil and Gas Startups

Ahmad Atwan is the founder and CEO of both VC Fuel and Clean Energy Services. VC Fuel is a venture capital focused on investing exclusively in the energy transition. They also launch companies where they see an opportunity in the market, which is where Clean Energy Services was born. Clean Energy Services is to the renewable sector what oilfield service companies have been to the oilfield.

JetRock Analytics on Oil and Gas Startups

Data management is still one of the biggest issues facing our industry today. It’s hard to make sense of the data when it’s all over the place. The guys at JetRock help E&Ps consolidate various data sources into a centralized analytics-based data warehouse. This empowers E&Ps to make better data-driven decisions.

Endla on Oil and Gas Startups

Drilling and completions data can be hard to visualize. Endla is changing that by combining physics-based simulation with machine learning to create a complete downhole picture and empowering E&Ps to improve the lifetime value of their wells.

Seagate on Oil and Gas Startups

Oil & Gas operations are collecting more data than ever – contrary to what most people think – a lot of that data isn’t in the cloud but rather on hard drives. One of the world’s largest hard drive manufacturers, Seagate, joined us this week to talk about how they’re supporting oil & gas operations. Also, this episode is audio only because our hard drives for our studio were full without us realizing it – the irony isn’t lost on us.

Docmo on Oil and Gas Startups

Excel is easily the most critiqued software out there – we’ve been guilty of trash-talking Excel ourselves for years. The reality is that it’s also the most successful piece of software of all time. Almost every company you can imagine has a license – especially in Oil & Gas. Docmo is a software development shop that comes in and builds all of your internal procedures around Excel.

Mi4 Corporation on Oil and Gas Startups

Getting the right kind of data in reports you need has been a major hassle across oil & gas for far longer than we’d care to admit – especially when it comes to daily operations reports. Spreadsheets are too simple and most software in the space is too complex. Mi4’s Rig Reports is changing all of that.