Kay McCall on Oil and Gas Startups

This week Kay McCall from Renewable Energy Alliance dives into the history of the wind industry, what the future of the industry looks like, and the importance of bringing everyone in energy together.

EnergyNet on Oil and Gas Startups

Welcome to the first-ever crossover episode between Oil and Gas Startups and Chuck Yates Needs a Job. Jake and Chuck sit down to chat with Chris Atherton, CEO of EnergyNet, on the founding of the company and how it has evolved over the years.

WellWorth on Oil and Gas Startups

Samra Nawaz and Vinay Acharya, co-founders of WellWorth walk us through the challenges finance and strategy teams in the upstream oil and gas industry face when using excel based models.

WellWorth is helping to solve these challenges by developing an advanced cloud-based application that integrates analysis for finance and strategy teams, enabling them to evaluate deals faster.

Ohmium on Oil and Gas Startups

Ohmium is creating a scalable solution to produce green hydrogen with their modular electrolyzer. This show dives into the history of electrolyzers and Arne’s experience on nuclear submarines during his time in the Navy.

Devon Energy on Oil and Gas Startups

For years we’ve had countless tech startups on the show to talk about what they’re building for the industry. This week’s episode was cool because we had the chance to talk with one of the largest E&Ps out there, Devon Energy, about how they approach technology development and deployment within their organization.

PARQ on Oil and Gas Startups

With the continued disruptions in supply chain post-Covid, Walker Ryan & Cody Warren, two fellow Aggies, walk us through how PARQ is solving the disconnect between supply chain vendors and buyers by pioneering a new way to source and manage buyer and vendor relationships.