Parasanti on Oil and Gas Startups

There has been a heavy push to the cloud in recent years when it comes to data and internet use, but industrial applications frequently require real-time information.

As a result, it can take too long to push information to the cloud, run analytics, and then push the results back.

Edge computing solves this dilemma, and Parasanti takes it one step further and delivers data to the field despite harsh weather conditions, power outages, and other difficulties.

Listen to how they have been able to tame the cloud and bring it down to earth to power the world’s edge infrastructure.

Quorum Software on Oil and Gas Startups

Quorum Software offers a full suite of essential cloud-based technology to oil and gas companies solving for accounting, compliance, pipeline management, operations, land management and more. Vice President of Upstream Sales Soroosh Seyhoon and Director Michael Foderetti at Quorum Software take us through their history as a company from the late 1990s to how they have evolved into the cutting-edge software provider of today.

LandGate on Oil and Gas Startups

Coming hot off their $10mm Series B led by NextEra, LandGate co-founder, Craig Kaiser talks about how they’re changing the game for minerals and land data.

This market has often been very opaque with land owners not having access to information about how much their assets are worth and operators not having great benchmarks to evaluate deals as well.

The amount of data LandGate has across renewable assets as well as oil and gas is pretty insane, listen in to hear their story of building the leading land platform!

Pure World Sustainability on Oil and Gas Startups

ESG has become a high priority in the oil and gas sector. There’s talk about many solutions to reduce emissions, but at what cost?

Combining solutions that decrease costs with increased sustainability and emissions is far more compelling to companies.

PWS CEO Ariana Carruth shares why sustainability has been so important to her. Learn about CNIT — PWS’s patented product that innovates environmental practices in oil and gas.

Well Information Technologies on Oil and Gas Startups

Legacy oil & gas software is usually extremely robust how it’s not always the easiest to use. Well Information Technologies is simplifying well job reporting by rethinking what data is important and how it’s captured.

Validere on Oil and Gas Startups

Some of the biggest opportunities that exist in our industry today still involve replacing spreadsheets with smarter software that gives organizations real-time visibility into their data. We’ve seen tons of innovative new tech geared towards engineers who extract natural resources but practically none when it comes to those people who have to market these commodities. Validere is looking to change that.

Novi Labs on Oil and Gas Startups

Third times a charm. Jon Ludwig of Novi Labs has been on the show twice before, now he’s back to talk about a new feature they just released, Novi Model Engine.

Novi Model Engine completes Novi’s energy-focused, machine-learning platform comprising Data Engine, Model Engine, and Forecast Engine.

Mesa Solutions on Oil and Gas Startups

Mesa is a leading power solutions company specializing in the manufacturing, sales, leasing and operations of natural gas and liquid propane-powered mobile and stationary generator sets.