Cryptocurrencies - A Paradigm for Understanding Value Part 1

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We take a trip through the following: 

– History of crypto-anarchists and cypher-punks from the 1980s.

– Founding developers of DoD sponsored ARPANET,  the predecessor to the Internet.

– The protocol used to create BitGold that became Bitcoin

– The paradigm for understanding value is usually via visual sensory input or because everyone agrees that something is of value.  Now we are changing the way we see value.

– Cryptocurrencies are undiscovered country that has its foot in the old and the new.

– It has aims to be a currency but currently functioning as a commodity – mimicking electronic gold.

– What are fundamentals driving Bitcoin prices today?  What are the other variants tied to blockchain technology and how do they differ from Bitcoin?  What is blockchain?

– Bitcoin resembles the internet in the early stages of its development.  It is a means of exchanging value and keeping records of transactions.

– Government intervention (SEC lawsuit against XRP foundation) into the development of bitcoin.


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