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Last year, the biggest Energy Tech acquisition, potentially of all time, happened when Enverus acquired RSEG for over $1b – solidifying their position as the 600 lb gorilla of Energy Tech. While we didn’t talk about Enverus, we did dive into the genesis of RSEG. Peter Bernard joined us this week to talk about how as chairman, he pieced together a few companies to create the modern version of RSEG most of us know, and the importance of knowing the right time to sell. We dove deep into his next chapter as the chairman of Datagration and all of the cool stuff they’re doing in the space. 

This was a really fascinating conversation and we’ve already joked about getting Peter back on for part 2.

Also if you didn’t know yet, on March 10th we are hosting an event called Evolve: The Next Evolution of Oil & Gas. Big thanks to TechnipFMC for being the headlining sponsor.

The question we are trying to answer is what does the next evolution of oil & gas look like? And what cutting technologies can help us get there

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