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It’s easy for oil and gas startups and even larger tech companies to focus building products for the super majors and larger players. The reality is, that most E&P’s are the small to mid-sized operators. While they aren’t the largest customers, they can be some of the best. What we loved about this episode was how Digital Oil & Gas Solutions has built their strategy around this segment of the market. They’re working to provide cutting edge technology such as their Scada-lite product to help the smaller players level the playing field with the bigger operators. 

Thank you to our sponsor: Datagration. Their product, Petrovisor, enables knowledge automation within each integrated engineering workflow, creating a single point of truth and a unified model for better decision making.

Energy Tech Night is back!

Energy Tech Night offers insights from energy digitalization experts and tech demos from cutting edge startups.

The quick-fire demos will be followed up by a banger panel: How oil and gas tech plays into the energy transition. 

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