Wayne Christian

Texas Railroad Commissioner

Eric Mullins

CEO, Lime Rock Resources


Milena Mayorga

Ambassador of El Salvador to the U.S.

Dennis Porter

CEO & Co-founder, Satoshi Action Fund

andrew burchwell

Executive Director, Ohio Blockchain Council

Mandy Gunasekara

Sr. Advisor & Co-Founder, Satoshi Action Fund

Austin Mitchell

CEO, Synota

Lee Bratcher

President, Texas Blockchain Council

Greg Beard

CEO, Stronghold Digital Mining

Jonathan Kohn

President, BitPetro

Maxim Serezhin

Founder & CEO, Standard Power

Chad Everett Harris


Elliot David

Head of Climate Strategy and Partnerships, Sustainable Bitcoin Protocol

Nicolas Preti

Co-Founder at Rigly

Dan DiLella

Managing Partner and Chief Growth Officer at Hotaling Insurance Services

Amanda Cavaleri

Bitcoin Today Coalition

Andrew Myers

CEO, Satoshi Energy

Amanda Fabiano

Head of Mining, Galaxy

Kristine Cranley

Director of Business Development, Texas Blockchain Council

Lisa Hough

Head of Business Development, LevelField Financial

Mario Gutierrez

Bitcoin - Mining | Oil & Gas - Energy

Marshall Long

VP, Rhodium

Joel Fulford

Co-founder & CEO, 10NetZero

Parker Lewis


Juri Bulovic

Head of Mining, Foundry

Casey Martinez

Founder & CEO, Clean Incentive

Dan Lawrence

CEO, OBM, Inc.

Iliana Varadzhakova

VP of Business Development, Scioto Energy

Jake Boaz

Fund Manager, Crypto Yield Capital

Phil McPherson

VP Capital Markets, Riot Platforms

Stephen Barbour

President and Chief Engineer, Upstream Data Inc.

Cam Stromme

Senior Vice President, Client Solutions at Unchained Capital

Jan Čapek

Co-founder, Braiins

Ethan Vera

COO, Luxor

Bryan Aulds

COO, 10NetZero

Cully Cavness

Co-Founder, President & COO, Crusoe Energy Systems Inc.

Paul Cockerham

Founder & CEO, Verde Mining

Scooter Womack

Executive VP, Crypto Power

JohnPaul Baric

CEO of MiningStore

Gideon Powell

CEO, Cholla Inc.

Max Gagliardi

Co-founder, Ancova

Marko Tarman

Mining Manager, NiceHash

Nate Glasky

Support Engineer, Voltage

Sam Tabar

Chief Strategy Officer, Bit Digital

Andy Schroder

Distributed Charge

H Griffin Haby III

Co Founder, Mountain Lion Mining

Kyle Schneps

Director of Public Policy, Foundry

Brent Whitehead

Co-founder, Giga Energy

Tom Masiero

CEO, Standard Bitcoin

Philip Walton

Co-Founder, Gridless

Cully Cavness

President, Crusoe Energy

Irene Gao


Chase Lochmiller

Co-founder & CEO, Crusoe Energy

Justin Ballard

Partner, Martin Legal Group

Trent Stout

Senior Managing Director, Priority Power Management

Jonathon McClellan

Publisher, Week in BTX

David Branscum

Founder, Hydropod Immersion Consulting

Judd Kitzmiller

VP, Revenue at Block Overstock

Scot Johnson

CEO & President, Digital Shovel

Margot Paez

Fellow, Bitcoin Policy Institute

Tamas Seregi

Chairman of the Board, ENERHASH

Joe Hayden

Vice President of Revenue - North America. GridBeyond

Jason Morton

Zkonduit Inc.

JK Liu

VP at HeatCore

Tom Mapes

Director of Energy Policy, Chamber of Digital Commerce

Puguang Shao

Cofounder, HeatCore