Energizing Bitcoin

March 30-31st, 2022 | Houston, TX

Adam Ortolf

Business Development Manager at Upstream Data Inc.

Adam is a Founding Partner at Stranded Energy Investments where they invest in bringing stranded and wasted natural gas to market by mining the bitcoin network. He has a business degree and also studied as a full stack web developer at Denver University. Since then, Adam has experience in operations management and strategic business planning. His passion for technology and Bitcoin led him to explore business opportunities in the mining sector. He is currently the Business Development Manager at Upstream Data Inc., a company that builds portable datacenters for oil and gas producers to mine bitcoin with stranded natural gas. In addition, Adam has been featured on several Bitcoin podcasts and publications such as BTC Sessions and Bitcoin Magazine. Adam is also donating all of his proceeds from CoinBeast Connect to Bitcoin Core development so you can learn while supporting Bitcoin developers.