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March 30-31st, 2022 | Houston, TX

Alex Jelenevsky

President at Navigator Risk Management

After spending 10 years running various aspects of a middle-market construction company, Alex ventured back into his first love of insurance and risk management and integrated his business knowledge, to bring that value to his clients. Navigator Risk’s team create custom Risk Management Solutions to help their clients take the control back into their business of their: insurance premiums, deductibles, dividends and creating Returns on Investments made in their Risk Management Program. Navigator Risk’s team utilize their turn-key Risk management programs to create custom insurance & risk solutions that not only cut retail insurance premiums to his clients, but can be used as a competitive advantage to their clients over their competition. Further this allows them to have consistently low insurance premiums and low losses in the process. Alex & Navigator Risk’s programs are successful in many different business types, but Alex’s vast personal experience is with Construction, Real Estate, Private Equity, Financial, Crypto & Crypto Mining, Transportation, Food & Beverage Distribution & Supermarkets, Busing, Non-Profits & Human Services, Home Healthcare & Healthcare Companies.