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March 30-31st, 2022 | Houston, TX

Brett Fenner

Senior VP of New Construction at Pumpjack Power

Brett Fenner has been with Pumpjack Power for 2.5 years as the New Construction Manager. In this roll, Brett makes it easier for the Operators by managing their load requests with the utilities companies, specifically Oncor, Texas New Mexico Power, and American Electric Power. Brett has fostered a great relationship with the utility companies to make it a smooth process for all parties involved. By learning each utilities phase process, Brett communicates directly with the operators on what is needed; From knowing what to expect and when to have their equipment ready to meet the utility phases, each transition is made easier until the project is completed. On top of having this great relationship with the utilities, Brett also helps Operators review their growth forecasts to assist them in making a decision about future load submissions.