Energizing Bitcoin

March 30-31st, 2022 | Houston, TX 

Gideon Powell

President & COO of Cholla Petroleum Inc.

Gideon O. Powell is the President & COO of Cholla Petroleum Inc, a private exploration & investment company based in Dallas, Texas.In 2013 he joined Cholla as Director of Acquisitions & New Ventures splitting his time between Dallas and Midland. In this role he helped identify and manage Cholla’s entrance into the Permian basin of West Texas.

After successfully exiting a portion of his Permian investments, Gideon stepped away from his day to day role at Cholla to study the global power markets for investable CO2 utilization projects. Through this work he and his team identified bitcoin mining and high performance computing as an opportunity to provide dispatchable electrical capacity to local grids, alleviating the intermittency problems caused by renewable energy. This led to his co-founding Autonomous LLC as CEO where he remains as an Investor and Director. Autonomous acquired raw land and partnered with a large Datacenter Developerto create HODL Ranch, the world’s first hyperscale greenfield campus for Bitcoin mining. Autonomous continues to develop alternative solutions that complement energy storage and help enable renewable energy to more effectively scale. Subsequent to HODL Ranch divesting its 1st 100 megawatt project to a silicon valley company, Gideon rejoined Cholla in his current role to lead the company’s new vision and capabilities expansion.

Gideon is passionate about exploration, sound money, bottom up innovation, individual liberty, and building stronger communities. He is actively involved as an adviser to Buried Alive, an initiative focused on ending mass incarceration in America and resides in Dallas, Texas with his beautiful, smart, patient, Liberty minded wife and three amazing children.