Energizing Bitcoin

March 30-31st, 2022 | Houston, TX 

John Sostak

Founder of Alpha Vertical

John is a Sales and Marketing executive with a diverse business background who thrives in a startup environment. Before Alpha Vertical, John designed payment solutions and brought to market unique prepaid cards that were sold in convenience stores. Clients included Incomm and 7-11.John began mining and trading Bitcoin in 2015. John is a US Army veteran and a retired Chicago Firefighter. John attended the University of Illinois at Chicago.Outside of business, John resides in Old Norwood, Chicago. He is married to Joy, has two sons, a daughter, a very old dog and a young cat that the entire family regrets adopting.John is an unrequited Chicago Bears fan that spends his summers watching White Sox baseball and dreaming of a franchise quarterback.John is a Bitcoin Maximalist.