Energizing Bitcoin

JP Baric

Founder and CEO of MiningStore

JP Baric is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MiningStore who are leading experts in the blockchain industry. He has overseen thirteen mining deployments and introduced hundreds of people into the space. Baric is passionate about the mining industry and loves helping others learn and benefit from this amazing technology. As a senior in high school with his interest in coding and cryptocurrency, he brought in a few family members and friends to test the idea that mining cryptocurrency could be profitable. Soon enough he had technicians build the machines and he began running them in Graham, N.C. Later that year, Baric started exploring new avenues and selling his machines to others. In 2017, he continued to grow his team and started to earn revenue. By the following year, Baric had set up an office in his hometown before moving his headquarters to Raleigh, where his team built more servers. Since then Baric has expanded MiningStore into Iowa, Texas, and Oklahoma. He now leads a team of 30+ who work across the country. His advice to any inexperienced or experienced entrepreneur with passion and commitment to their plans is often: “Things aren’t going to happen overnight. It takes a lot of thoughtful work in one space. Eventually, you’ll see that 20 percent year-over-year growth, and that’s what compounds to make a significant impact on an industry. Jump in feet first, and don’t worry about what could go wrong. Just understand that if you fail, a failure is just a successful way to learn what you don’t want to do next time.” – JP Baric In running a successful multi-million dollar business, Baric has creatively implemented social media in his marketing strategies, gardening over 80 million views on his TikTok alone. Regarding crypto or blockchain technology, running his ‘Digital Gold with JP Baric’ podcast, which can be found through Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Spotify, etc., and having been mentioned in Forbes, DailyMail, Economics of Mining, Dr. Phil, and much more.