Energizing Bitcoin

Lisa Hough

Head of Business Development, LevelField Financial

Lisa Hough is Head of Business Development at LevelField Financial Inc. and was previously director of client solutions at Unchained Capital. She is a force evangelizing for “Bitcoin, not crypto.”

In 2022, Ms. Hough had the pleasure of presenting at the TMA European Annual Summit, the Catholic Crypto Conference, the University of California Northridge, the University of Houston, and Digital Wildcatter’s Inaugural Empower: Energizing Bitcoin.    

Ms. Hough’s keen understanding of cross-market dynamics developed during a decade in Natural Gas Trading and Risk Management at energy trading organizations, including PG&E National Energy Group and Enron Capital and Trade.  

“My passion is connecting all people to Bitcoin because bitcoin is the only form of property that can be held by every human on earth, regardless of property rights.”  

Ms. Hough graduated from Miss Porter’s School and Southern Methodist University, receiving a BA in Biology.