Energizing Bitcoin

March 30-31st, 2022 | Houston, TX 

Marshall Holbrook

CEO at Puissant Industries Inc

Marshall Holbrook is one of a kind natural gas producer. After two decades working in the oil and gas industry, 12 years gas generation , 6 years bitcoin mining data center building management ,leasing gas properties , gas purchase negotiation , multi million dollar drilling program management.  Asic install and management… generator engineer … problem  solver engineering expert .. Marshall knows what traditional process of business as usual is for the oil and gas industry. Understanding all the process from start to finish. Bitcoin manufacturing system provider who partners with other natural gas producers to generate more revenue for thier natural gas production through manufacturing crypto currency. Marshall developed a manufacturing system process that eliminates the big pipeline, the local utility, the gas broker, large gathering pipelines, compressor station, dangerous TEG dehydration unit, high-pressure pipeline and the deflated gas rate from the equation. Marshall started  to introduce this cutting-edge technology to the oil and natural gas industry and is return proffitt back to natural gas. He believes Blockchain technology is the future of the natural gas industry. Marshall grew up in the oil and gas industry and followers his father and grandfathers foot steps as third generation oil field. Starting at the bottom and wearing all the hates from skippy to president of his own oil and gas company he knows gross revenue is the final number and knows how to achieve it.