Energizing Bitcoin

March 30-31st, 2022 | Houston, TX 

Tom Masiero

Head Of Business Development at Cathedra

Co-Founder and Former COO, of Great American Mining. Tom helped lead GAM’s execution of its high-growth strategy, amassing a 30x growth in Hashrate from 2020-2021 in the core of the Bakken mining Bitcoin off flare gas.

Tom’s people first-driven approach to building out lean over performing operations teams lead to consistently operating the best performing mining boxes in the Bakken basin.

Tom also helped developed GAM’s branding along with the industry defining podcast GAMCast to tackle the ESG framing that attacks O&G and Bitcoin. This work paved the way for Great American Mining’s position as Bitcoin Mining’s leader in dealing with stranded and non rival energy use cases.

Tom currently is Head of Business Development for Cathedra Bitcoin. A publicly traded Bitcoin Mining Company that has a focus on off grid mining using natural gas.