Digital Wildcatters X Ohio Blockchain Council

Digital Innovation in Ohio

Vue Columbus | Columbus, OH
October 5th, 2023

Join us as we build momentum in Ohio and work to build the next generation of energy and digital infrastructure.

Amplify is the inaugural event to launch the Ohio Blockchain Council. Join us as we begin our mission to champion the Buckeye State as a leader in blockchain and Bitcoin transformation.

Amplify provides an opportunity to network with industry leaders and experts from a broad range of companies incorporating blockchain and Bitcoin technologies and investing in powerful solutions to usher in an abundant future.

An abundance of energy resources, expertise, and innovation powered Ohio to become the heart of 20th century industrial growth. Today it continues to be the advantage as the digital economy evolves on top of a foundation of reliable and economic energy.

The digital energy transformation is underway, and Ohio is uniquely positioned to lead the charge. Learn about the cutting-edge solutions being developed right here in Ohio, and how you can participate in this rapidly growing ecosystem.


Bernie Moreno

US Senate Candidate

Aaron Foster


Doug McCollough

Color Coded Labs

Austin Mitchell


Andrew Burchwell

Ohio Blockchain Council

Michael Jones

University of Cincinnati

Iliana Varadzhakova

Scioto Energy

Jake Corley

Digital Wildcatters

Jameson Nunney


Mimi Heinlein


Justin Tucker


Jennifer Thomas

REDI Cincinnati

Jesse Roush

SE Ohio Port Authority

Alana Mediavilla

Dirty Coin

Dr. Taner Pirim

Fisher College of Business
The Ohio State University

Lisa Scott


Justin Gilanyi


Tao Wu


Justin Ballard

Martin Legal Group


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Historically underserved communities can benefit most from the ‘zero to one’ potential of digital technologies. Globally we see examples of emerging economies jump past legacy technologies and lean into the future. In Ohio, companies are building Bitcoin mining data centers that go beyond the traditional models and harness the power of heat to provide for the communities they build alongside. This panel will highlight how integrated computing projects come together at the community level and how we can scale these systems to the rest of Ohio.

With 3 designated innovation corridors in Ohio, and a tradition of innovation in legacy sectors, Ohio is primed to lead the 21st century digital transformation. Recent developments have led to a proliferation of computing hardware and software applications that are redefining how our economies are shaped. This panel will explore how Ohio can continue to lead at the cutting edge of digital infrastructure development.

The growth of Ohio’s economy is significant, with no signs of slowing any time soon. How do we meet the challenge of training and preparing the workforce of tomorrow, and how do we effectively reach those traditionally underserved communities and uplift them through the digital transformation? This panel will explore what is going well in workforce development, and how we can work together to increase our ability to prepare the next generation for the jobs of tomorrow.

Join us for a fireside chat that delves into the importance of Proof of Work and energy abundance, the importance of privacy in today’s digital environment, and the steps Ohio is taking to ensure its leadership in the tech sector. Our speakers for the discussion are Andrew Burchwell, who serves as Executive Director for Ohio Blockchain Council, with experience in the tech and energy industries, and Bernie Moreno, a current US Senate Candidate and businessman who provides unique insights into digital asset development and governance. Together, they will discuss the current state of these topics, the implications for Ohio’s future, and the broader national context. This conversation aims to provide attendees with a clearer understanding of where Ohio stands and where it’s headed in the digital age.




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