Digital Wildcatters X Ohio Blockchain Council

Digitizing Ohio’s Energy Advantage

Vue Columbus | Columbus, OH
September 20th, 2022

Ohio is leading the charge to build the next generation of energy, financial, and digital infrastructure.

Amplify is the inaugural event to launch the Ohio Blockchain Council. Join us as we begin our mission to champion the Buckeye State as a leader in blockchain and Bitcoin transformation.

Amplify provides an opportunity to network with industry leaders and experts from a broad range of companies incorporating blockchain and Bitcoin technologies and investing in powerful solutions to solve the problems of our time


An abundance of energy resources, expertise, and innovation powered Ohio to become the heart of 20th century industrial growth. Today it continues to be the advantage as the digital economy evolves on top of a foundation of reliable and economic energy.


The digital energy transformation is underway, and Ohio is uniquely positioned to lead the charge. Learn about the cutting-edge solutions being developed right here in Ohio, and how you can participate in this rapidly growing ecosystem.


Max Serezhin

CEO, Standard Power

Chris Halvorson

President, Magellan Scientific

Sarah Phillips

Account Manager,
Knight Energy Services

Austin Mitchell

CEO, Synota

Aaron Foster

Director, Business Development, Luxor

Andrew Burchwell

Founder & Executive Director,
Ohio Blockchain Council

Collin McLelland

CEO, Digital Wildcatters

Mario Gutierrez

VIBE Energy Systems

Chuck Yates

Galactic Viceroy,
Digital Wildcatters

Dennis Porter

CEO & Co-Founder,
Satoshi Action Fund

Doug McCollough

CIO, City of Dublin

Michael Atwood

Founder of Oshi

Nick Ward

Senior Manager, Armanino LLP

Michael Jones

 Professor, University of Cincinnati

Justin Ballard

Partner, Martin Legal Group

Vinny Pardi

Mining Operations Manager,
River Financial


Tuesday | September 20th

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With Collin McLelland and Chuck Yates.

Ohio has an abundance of natural resources, and built a legacy of infrastructure that powered the first industrial revolution. Bitcoin mining presents a unique opportunity for the Buckeye State to lead the next generation of energy, industrial, and digital infrastructure development.

Moderator: Dennis Porter 


  • Chris Halvorson – President Magellan Scientific
  • Max Serezhin – CEO Standard Power 
  • Justin Ballard – Partner Martin Legal Group
  • Aaron Foster – Director of BD Luxor 

The Bitcoin network is the global, open source, peer-to-peer rails for value to be transferred using the hardest money invented in a decentralized, permissionless, and censorship resistant manner. Just as finance evolved from the Gold to the Fiat standard, The Bitcoin Standard will provide the disruptive foundation to conduct the next generation of business.

Moderator: Mario Gutierrez


  • Michael Jones – Professor University of Cincinnati
  • Nick Ward – Senior Manager Armanino LLP
  • Vinny Pardi – Mining Operations Manager River Financial

While blockchain technology is one of the enforcing pillars of Bitcoin, it is also being implemented in other applications across the ongoing digital transformation. From energy payments settlement, to legacy record keeping, applications are being integrated throughout our day to day lives and solving problems of scale, cost, and accessibility.

Moderator: Collin McLelland


  • Austin Mitchell CEO Synota
  • Michael Atwood – Founder Oshi
  • Doug McCollough – CIO City of Dublin

Generations of deindustrialization and commodity cycles have left many former economic hubs throughout the rust belt with few options forward. The rise of computing as the next digital commodity has brought together leading technology firms with rural communities to provide a new generation of opportunity and development and a revitalization of hope.

Moderator: Andrew Burchwell


  • Mark Mills – Mayor of Coshocton, Ohio
  • Max Serezhin – CEO Standard Power
  • Darrin Klinger – Managing Partner SPP

With Andrew Burchwell and Collin McLelland.

Drinks and light bites provided.

  • 4:00-5:00 Workshop Discussions
  • 5:00-6:00 Performance: The Winnie Cooper Project


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