Fuze: Igniting Energy Tech

A Digital Wildcatters Experience

8th Wonder Brewery | Houston, TX
October 26th - 27th, 2022

Brad Rossacci

Creative Director, Accenture

Hi. I’m Brad Rossacci. Creative Director with Accenture + co-host of Curiosity, the podcast. 

I believe in the magic that arises when we choose to activate an otherwise simple or silent moment into a space where we get to [un]think what we thought we knew + explore the kind of questions we cannot easily google or ask Siri or Alexa. The kind of questions that exist just beyond the edge of existence + reveal a majestic + uncharted universe.

The space just beyond the unexpected. The space where we become even more fully alive in our very humanity. The very space where we get to explore the [un], dream what could be + create what will be.  The space where moments activate momentum + build the movements that converge the uncharted universe with our greatest ambitions.

In every moment, making space for those who can’t sit + behave, who’d rather defy the rules + amaze.