8 startups enter the pitch, if you ain't first...you're last.

In honor of the 2022 World Cup starting in November, we wanted to bring the same fun and competition to our pitch competition. Just like the World Cup, the winner takes all the glory…and prize money!

FORMAT The format is a relatively simple 3 round tournament. After each round the judges and audience will vote for their favorites and they move on to the next round.

Thank you to our sponsors!

Live at Fuze 22

· Round 1 (5 minutes) 8 startups: Pitch for their life

· Round 2 (5-10 minutes) 4 startups: Q&A session with the judges and audience

· Round 3 (2 minutes) 2 startups: Compete in a head to head, shootout giving a final statement

At the end of round 3, we will tally the judges and audience votes and the winner takes home 100% of the prize money!


Non- dilutive capital worth tens of thousands is up for grabs, and all donations go directly to the winner. These 8 startups will be presenting in front of not only the investors but over 1,000 potential clients as well. In addition to the competition, you will be able to meet with judges and other important energy investors in person during our Investor Power Hours.

We will open the applications up to startups beginning next week but the criteria for those are as follows:

– Applicants MUST BE in bootstrapped, Pre-seed or seed stage to qualify.

– Applicants also must be able to be present for the live pitch competition on October 26th.


Must have applications in one of the following:

– Carbon Capture (CCUS)

– Geothermal

– Hydrogen

– Nuclear

– Oil/Gas

– Power Generation, Backup, Batteries, & Storage

– Renewables (Biomass, Hydroelectric, Solar, Waves, Wind)

– Software (AI, ML, Analytics, Computer Vision, Geospatial)

– Transportation/Fuels – EVs/AVs/Fuel Cell

– Utilities/Grid


Applications closed.


Important Dates for Startups:

– Sept. 25th – Start-up applications due

– October 7th – Finalists Announced

– October 26th 4-6 PM – Live pitch competition

– October 27th 9:30-11:30 AM – Office Hours with the startups



All levels of investors are pressuring money managers like never before: reduce carbon emissions now! While it would be nice to just flip a switch and tell investors “hey we’re replacing hydrocarbons with renewables…all good!” as knowledgeable energy professionals, we know it’s way more complicated than that. 

At Digital Wildcatters, we believe technological innovation is the only way to balance the societal good that hydrocarbons provide, with our need to reduce emissions and protect our climate. How do we develop this technology? Way more shots on goal — more scientist inventing, entrepreneurs creating, and companies pushing. 

Join us at Wildcatter World Cup to attract the best companies by showing your support of innovative technologies and early-stage startups. 

– 100% of startup sponsorship proceeds to go to startups

– Curated access to early stage energy startups — from all energy verticals in one place

– Logo on main stage and website with link

– Logo on all Wildcatter World Cup promotion material

– Speaking or panel spots available


Current Judges:


Head of Devon Energy Ventures


Executive Director, Halliburton Labs


October 26th 4-6 pm

– Round 1 – Startups give 5 min pitch

– Judges and audience vote for their top 4

– Round 2 – 10 minute Audience & Judge Q&A

– Judges and audience vote for top 2

– Round 3 – Head to Head shootout – Top 2 – Give a 2 minute closing argument

– Winner is decided by judges & audience vote and announced at the end of the pitch event

October 27th 9:30 – 11:30 am – Investor Power Hours

– Each startup will have 5-10 minute meetings with judges and other energy investors

– Power hours enable the sponsors private, one on one meetings with the companies presenting at the competition

– Ask questions and learn more about the companies privately

– Give the competitors valuable feedback on their pitch

Get ready to experience more opportunities for networking, learning, brainstorming, and career-changing connections than ever before at Fuze 22.

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