Grace Chan on Energy Tech Startups

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Grace Chan is a venture principal for New Markets at bp ventures. Grace focuses on venturing discovery and deal delivery in support of clean tech market entry offers in China, elsewhere in Asia Pacific, and India as well as technology-led ventures in service of one or more of BP’s ‘transition growth engines’ – bioenergy, convenience, EV charging, renewables and hydrogen.

Grace Explores:

  • How and where bp ventures make investments – 2:00

  • How Grace figured out she was destined for Corporate Venture Capital – 3:15

  • How Grace’s personal history led her to work in her current role looking at Energy Transition investments in Asia – 7:00

  • How energy companies have three strengths that make them natural partners for the Energy Transition – 9:08

  • How bp is reimagining energy: Bioenergy, EV Charging, convenience, Renewables and Hydrogen – 14:55

  • Why being a corporate VC presents unique challenges – 17:50

  • Why now is the time to make investments in climate tech – 19:10

  • How AllRaise is helping female and non-binary trailblazers support the innovation ecosystem – 23:10

  • How Houston’s gritty and active the innovation is, and how many people in Houston are from all over the world – 27:10

  • Why Hydrogen technology is complex to make investments in – 33:13

  • Why Geothermal is exciting – 36:30

Reach out if you want to get connected. Find Grace in the ION at Suite 288. She invites founders and co-investors to meet in person to grow your network.

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