I Love the Oilfield

I just talked to my mom.

She lives in Midland, my stepdad is a completions superintendent for an exploration and production company.

She is scared. I can hear it in her voice when she talks to me.

I got off the phone with her and started reflecting on everything the oil and gas industry has given me.

10 years ago, I was a kid pulling up to a drilling rig for the first time.

I was so scared. I remember looking up to the crown of the derrick with butterflies in my stomach

I didn’t have much going for me or many people that believed in me at the time.

I mean, who would believe in a kid that was fresh out of high school with a 1.6 GPA.

But that rig didn’t fucking care. If you were willing to work hard, it would reward you.

20 years old, long night of mixing drilling mud.

That rig crew became my family. 14 hours a day I would spend with them in that West Texas heat.

They taught me everything from how to work a pipe wrench to developing a work ethic that allows me to outwork anyone around me.

To be honest, I start tearing up thinking about it.

I owe everything to this industry and the people in it. I know there are many people with stories similar to mine who are just as passionate.

And now they’re having that gutted out of them by things they can’t control.

When I think back to when I quit my job in 2018 to pursue my own venture, I think about the dark days the most.

The days where there wasn’t money in my personal account to pay the bills.

The Christmas where we didn’t have money to buy our kids presents.

I would always tell myself “Today sucked, but tomorrow has the potential to be better than today.”

Then I would wake up and do something to move forward.

I don’t know much about the oil business but I know one thing, this industry is full of talented and hard-working motherfuckers.

We are in dark days, but we can’t control external factors. All we can control is our ability to wake up and put in 100% of our effort.

If we do that, we will find solutions to the industry’s problems. Humans are incredibly resilient and our industry is proof of that.

It’s ok if you’re feeling scared. Just remember that today’s situation isn’t permanent and that tomorrow holds new opportunities.

We’re in this together.