Kevin Thuot | Managing Partner at JetRock

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Had an awesome conversation with Kevin Thuot (Managing Partner – JetRock) last week during their visit to Houston for #NAPE for Energy Crüe Podcast. Special shout out to Zach Howard for reaching out and setting up the introduction.

Kevin has an interesting past, growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, doing internships at NASA, discussing the vomit comet and his contribution to the space program (astronauts everywhere thank him), to pursuing a graduate degree from M.I.T., to how he started JetRock. We discussing starting his own company and leaving the comfort of a stable job behind. Focused on coding and building out their platform was the game since 2015, now he’s looking to grow his presence by adding a team built for that. We discussed some personal hobbies and it was extremely interesting to hear more about the life of Kevin and how his creative mind works.

Really enjoyed the conversation and appreciate their time during such a busy week! 

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