Michael Hale | VP Exploration at Novo Oil & Gas

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What an unbelievable and interesting conversation I had yesterday with Michael Hale (VP – Exploration Novo Oil and Gas, LLC) for another Energy Crüe podcast during my visit to OKC before we met up again at the final Crüe Club event for the quarter.

Growing up in upstate New York with a father who passed on his love for science in his early years, Michael has always found himself a student consuming literature and audio books about everything and anything. From history, to science, to astrophysics he’s always reading something. It was really interesting hearing about the natural topography led to him pursuing a geology degree then by chance through a college connection he moved to OKC to get into the oil & gas industry.

One of the most interesting, brightest, and genuine individuals out there. I could have spent another 3 hours listening to his outlooks about our industry, personal accountability, and his love for Carl Sagan and how science has influenced his life. 

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