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Mike Umbro (FieldView Capital) a San Diego native, and an Operator in California joined me to have a conversation about what it’s like as an operator trying to operate in California. Recently Mike has been very active on social media as an energy, environment, and oil & gas advocate. Showcasing the realities of when poor policy leads to higher cost, more pollution, more dependance, and a disadvantage to people in lower income households. We discussed what we have to do as an industry to have real energy conversations with people outside our industry. Fighting uphill battles, bureaucracy, stagnation and stalling of permits, while they are sitting on some of the biggest oil reserves and what that could do for the people of California. As someone who has been a voice of the realities of energy expectations versus energy reality, very excited to have had this convo with him, and looking forward to seeing what he’s going to do not just for the California Energy industry, but domestic energy as well! 

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