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The probabilistic estimate of reservoir inflow performance.

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Crusoe Energy Systems on Oil and Gas Startups

Cully Cavness of Crusoe Energy Systems came to talk about how they offer a solution to flaring for upstream operators without access to pipeline. Their Digital Flare Mitigation™ (DFM) systems convert otherwise wasted natural gas into electricity to power energy-intensive Bitcoin mining and other computing, right at the wellsite.

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Houston Mechatronics on Oil and Gas Startups

In a quest to keep mixing it up and keeping it fresh – we decided we’d go where we haven’t gone before – robotics. Nic Radford, Founder & CEO of Houston Mechatronics walks us through his journey from a career at NASA, to building the most cutting edge robots, to better service and access our underwater ecosystem.

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Deja Vu All Over Again | Margin Call Podcast

Topics: CFTC interim staff report on negative WTI Futures prices released 11/23/20, Already causing dissension amongst CFTC commissioners for not being prescriptive enough to point fingers at those who may have benefited, Reads like a freshman economics book report. “Dog ate my homework.”, plus much more!

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Get Spotfired! with Rock Gnatovich on Tripping Over the Barrel

Without a doubt, Spotfire is a widely used solution in the O&G Industry…but that wasn’t always the case. How did it become so popular? Rock Gnatovich (Probably the best name to ever come on this or ANY podcast) joins the guys to detail the backstory of Spotfire, dating back over 20 years ago to the Year 2000.

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