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Nvidia | Marc Spieler on Oil and Gas Startups Podcast

What do you think of when you think of Nvidia? If you’re into computers or gaming – you know they’ve been the leader in cutting edge graphics cards for decades now. Marc Spieler from Nvidia joined us this week to explain what they’re up to in oil and gas.

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The Wheel That Grinds Slow, But Grinds Fine | Margin Call Podcast

– Market context/musings
– Price of first barrel of crude pulled at Titusville in context. Or “Whale oil was the butterfly that unleashed the Tsunami.”
– The seven sisters.
– Rockefeller and Standard Oil, Louis Brandeis & Teddy Roosevelt – “Standard Oil of NJ and Standard Oil of California”

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Santa Gilmer on Tripping Over the Barrel

How do you build an AWESOME culture at your startup? Well, Allen Gilmer knows. He built one of the best startups our industry has ever seen. His advice is simple: “Don’t hire assholes.” Allen “Santa” Gilmer recounts his early days in El Paso, building DrillingInfo (now Enverus) into an industry leader while maintaining the same fun culture that started even after getting private equity money. By the way, what did he do with that money? He generously gave it away…well some of it ($200,000). T-Lo and Dr. Funkenstein talk about some of the old DI User Conferences, giving Billy Beane a hard time, and find out what the heck is going on in Allen’s “Man-Barn”. A must listen with the most approachable legend in the industry.

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Texas Well Protected Energy Foundation on Oil and Gas Startups

Orphan Wells are actually a much bigger problem than people think, they can pose some huge risks to the environment and even cost tax payers a lot of money if not addressed.

Tom Slocum with Texas Well Protected Energy Foundation came on to talk about how their non-profit is tackling this issue here in Texas.

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David Forsberg Has a Plan | Tripping Over The Barrel

David Forsberg knows a thing or two about finance. He also knows a heck of a lot about oil and gas. How about technology? Yep. Combine those and you have an unrivaled vision: help bring exposure, and investors to the emerging Energy Tech market.

Listen in as David talks about growing up in Denver, being a trader in Chicago, and today, fundraising during Covid times. A unique episode with a dude that has a positive outlook on the future of the energy technology world. Tim also learned a new word, quantamental, David’s an expert.

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