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Oilfield Services have really gotten the short end of the stick over the last decade. As soon as commodity prices start to slip, E&P’s start asking for major discounts from their vendors, thus cutting into the already really thin margins.

Despite all of this, there are still OFS startups like Panther Fluids popping up across the industry. We talked about how they’re setting themselves a part from their competitors and how they’ve evolved and expanded into new offerings that they hope will provide them an edge.

Great episode, I hope y’all enjoy it. 

Also if you didn’t know yet, on March 10th we are hosting an event called Evolve: The Next Evolution of Oil & Gas. Big thanks to TechnipFMC for being the headlining sponsor.

Events have always been a big part of what we do and we wanted to figure out a way do a virtual event that wouldn’t suck. We wrangled up some of the biggest names in the industry including Toby Rice – CEO of EQT, Dan Pickering, CIO of Pickering Energy Partners, Allen Gilmer, Chairman and Founder of Enverus, David Ramsden-Wood & Chuck Yates.

We’ll be having casual conversations about what this next Evolution of Oil & Gas is going to look like and how we can leverage cutting technologies to get there.

We’ll also be speaking with tons of startups and seeing them run through some quick demo’s of their technologies. Registration is completely free. Just go to

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