A Journey Beyond Oil: Stephen Anson’s Story of Leadership, Innovation, and Personal Evolution in the World of Energy

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In this engaging episode of “What the Funk,” host Mr. Anson celebrates his birthday with a special guest, Stephen Anson, a prominent figure in the oil and gas measurement field.

This episode dives into:
Stephen Anson’s Background: Exploring his personal and professional journey, including his roots in South Louisiana, his upbringing in a large family, and his path to becoming a renowned expert in oil and gas measurement.

Career Path and Industry Experience: An in-depth look at Stephen’s career progression from a measurement technician to a leader in data analytics within the oil and gas industry. This includes his offshore work in the Gulf of Mexico, his shift towards data analytics, and his significant contributions to the development of measurement technologies.

Servant Leadership: Stephen’s philosophy on servant leadership, emphasizing the importance of leading by example and being hands-on in various leadership roles. Transition from Colorado to Louisiana: Insights into Stephen’s decision to move back to Louisiana from Colorado, highlighting the personal and family reasons behind this significant change.

Working in Waterbridge: A detailed discussion on his current role at Waterbridge, focusing on produced water management in the oil and gas industry, including the challenges and innovations in this sector.

Differences Between Louisiana and Colorado: Stephen shares his observations on the contrasting lifestyles, climates, and experiences in Louisiana compared to Colorado.

Family Life and Hobbies: A glimpse into Stephen’s personal life, including his passion for hunting, fishing, and family activities.

Future Trends in Oil and Gas: Stephen shares his perspectives on the future of the oil and gas industry, particularly in the context of water management and environmental considerations.

This episode offers a comprehensive look into the life and work of Stephen Anson, providing valuable insights into leadership, industry challenges, and personal growth within the dynamic world of oil and gas.

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