Activate.org in Houston: Activating a new generation of Houstonian In!

Nada Ahmed

Jason Ethier

Welcome to a new episode of the Energy Tech Startups podcast  where we delve into the inspiring journey of Jeremy Pitts as he takes the help at Activate Houston.  Activate is a non-profit organization dedicated to transforming scientific research into impactful companies. Join us as we explore their mission, the challenges they face, and the incredible potential they hold for the future of innovation.

Key Highlights:
  • Activate Houston’s Mission: Focused on awarding fellowships to promising science entrepreneurs, helping them turn their research into beneficial products.
  • 2024 Cohort Launch: Aiming to enhance the innovation ecosystem in Houston and Texas, with a special focus on energy transition and high-impact areas.
  • Jeremy Pitts’ Role: As the managing director, Jeremy discusses the inception of Activate Houston, its goals, and the unique challenges of commercializing scientific innovations.
  • Background of Activate: Originating as Cyclotron Road at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, the organization has expanded to Boston, New York, and now Houston, broadening its impact beyond the Department of Energy’s focus.
  • Houston’s Strategic Importance: A key location for energy transition, Houston’s ecosystem is ripe for innovation, especially in the energy sector.
  • Fellowship Program: Offering a two-year program with stipends, R&D funding, and professional development opportunities, Activate supports fellows in transforming their ideas into viable businesses.
  • Criteria for Fellows: The program targets scientists and technologists, typically with a PhD or equivalent experience, focusing on hard tech and global challenges.
  • Impact Metrics: Success is measured not just in terms of follow-on funding but also the happiness and progress of the fellows.
  • Future Aspirations: Activate Houston aims to foster a new wave of entrepreneurs, especially in the energy and sustainability sectors, leveraging Houston’s unique position in these industries.
Activate Houston stands as a beacon of hope and innovation, bridging the gap between scientific research and real-world applications. With its unique approach and strategic location, it promises to be a key player in shaping the future of technology and entrepreneurship.
Learn more about Activate: https://www.activate.org/houston
Connect with Jeremy Pitts: linkedin.com/in/jeremypitts

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