Caitlin Smith on Energy Tech Startups

Nada Ahmed

Jason Ethier

Caitlin Smith is a policy entrepreneur who currently works as the Senior Director, Regulatory, External Affairs & ESG at Jupiter Power. Jupiter Power is a leading developer, owner, and operator of stand-alone, utility-scale battery energy storage. We have 650 MWh of operation projects in Texas with over 300 MWh in or near construction, including a 200MWh project in Houston. It is expected to be the first urban battery storage project of that size. Energy is complicated because of the broad stakeholders involved as well as the expectations we all have for its reliability. Join us as Caitlin explores how navigating policy goes hand in hand with bringing new technology to market.

Caitlin explores:

  • Caitlin explains the difference between MWh vs MW when it comes to battery storage and why that is important – 2:08
  • How Caitlin and the Jupiter team think about reducing emissions using utility-scale batteries – 6:48
  • Why Houston will be home to the first urban storage battery project of its size (200 MWh) – 10:26
  • How the messaging from companies has changed around energy as users become more informed through technology – 15:30
  • How Jupiter’s uses its batteries and its software to dispatch power economically into the grid – 19:20
  • How the recently passed IRA will change the economics of standalone storage – 23:40
  • How will energy storage developers think about deploying new battery technologies – 28:42
  • What a policy entrepreneur does – 31:55
  • Why disasters, unfortunately, drive policy changes, and why that sometimes leads to sub-optimal results – 38:00
  • Why we should always be thinking about the grid holistically – 43:10
twitter: @CaitlinSmithATX ; @jupiterpowerllc

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