Daniel Basaldua on Energy Tech Startups

Nada Ahmed

Jason Ethier

Daniel Basaldua is the CEO and founder of Euphree Electric Bikes, the maker of the most comfortable commuter style e-bike.  Daniel a dyed in the wool entrepreneur started his early career in the upstream oil and gas industry and began looking at transportation as an industry that will transform the most in the energy transition.

Daniel Explores:

  • How his sister inspired his first e-bike – 4:20
  • How Houston has unique manufacturing strengths – 8:50
  • Why access to cost-effective energy is in fine balance as we transition energy – 10:45
  • Why e-bikes are essential to transforming mobility and accessibility – 25:05
  • How Houston can change its infrastructure to better serve commuters 34:10
Reach out if your hands on a Euphree ebike

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