David Hobbs, Executive Chairman of Pantheon Resources

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In this episode of “Chuck Yates Needs a Geography Lesson,” Chuck chats with David Hobbs, the Executive Chairman of Pantheon Resources, an independent oil and gas exploration and production company that somehow found its way to the icy tundras of Alaska. Pantheon holds sway over a whopping 200,000 acres on the Alaskan North Slope, making you wonder if they discovered oil or just a secret British love for sub-zero temperatures.

With discoveries like the Kodiak and Ahpun fields in their portfolio, Pantheon is clearly on a mission to make Alaska more than just a cold vacation spot. And speaking of Brits, David Hobbs brings his British charm to the show, much like Chuck, who’s dating a Brit and thinks he’s now an expert on all things UK.

Join us for this chilly, oil-soaked rendezvous, complete with an Alaska joke to warm your spirits. It’s the podcast where oil, Brits, and bears (the Kodiak kind) collide in a frosty adventure of epic proportions.

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