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Chuck chats with Deanna, head of the Commodities practice at DLA, one of the largest law firms on the planet. And the talk is all about carbon which is rapidly emerging as a tradable commodity. Who are the sellers? Buyers? How are these carbon deals getting done? Structured? Priced? Carbon is going to be a big freaking deal.


Energy Tech Night Midland is a month away and with that in mind, we wanted to shout out IronSight – former Energy Tech Night Midland winner and friend of ours. IronSight is hosting its first ever-online event Thursday, May 18th to showcase some really cool stuff they’ve been working on. They’ll cover how you can go from a SCADA alarm to a completed field ticket with only three clicks and how their recently released Marketplace is enabling EP’s to securely and efficiently collaborate with each other to reduce costs and improve utilization and Service Providers to provide a seamless uber like experience for their clients – all from a single digital hub.

Head over to their website ironsight.app for more info on how to register.

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