EarthBridge Energy on Energy Tech Startups

Nada Ahmed

Jason Ethier

In this episode, we’re joined by Derek Adams and Gus Perez from EarthBridge Energy, a tech startup revolutionizing long-duration energy storage. Combining elements from oil and gas, geothermal energy, and renewable sources, EarthBridge aims to solve the problem of energy waste due to the mismatch between renewable energy supply and demand. Their novel approach uses the earth itself as a storage media and has been validated by three National Labs. With a focus on commercial scalability, the team discusses the challenges and opportunities in the energy storage landscape.
  • Introduction of Guests and Company: Derek Adams and Gus Perez from EarthBridge Energy talk about their startup, which is developing a long-duration energy storage technology to help transition to a net-zero future.
  • Technology Overview: EarthBridge combines aspects of oil and gas, geothermal energy storage, and 24/7 renewable energy. Their system can store vast amounts of energy for very long periods, and can uniquely and economically store power over months vs. hours.
  • The Importance of Long-Duration Storage: With increasing reliance on intermittent renewables like wind and solar, EarthBridge’s long-duration storage technology is essential for maintaining a stable grid and minimizing energy waste.
  • Importance of Storage: The technology aims to make renewable energy more reliable by storing it for extended periods, thereby stabilizing the grid.
  • Regulatory and Investment Landscape: The team is navigating through investment tax credits and regulatory constraints, and they are in the middle of fundraising discussions to take their technology to market.
  • Location and Community: The founders chose to base their startup in Houston due to the strong energy community and the city’s history with oil and gas, which they see as an asset for their renewable energy-focused startup.

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