Edward Eichstetter on Energy Tech Startups

Nada Ahmed

Jason Ethier

Edward Eichstetter is the CEO of EKU Power Drives, an expert in the electrification and automation expert for the Oil and Gas industry. EKU has a number of technologies that reduce emissions, from the Engine Standby Controller which reduces idle time up to 90% through SOPHIA, a solution that taps into the cloud and allows fleet managers to better optimize their frack fleets. The founders of EKU tap into their shared history of developing electric formula racing cars to develop and deploy new products for upstream Oil and Gas.

Edward explores:

  • How EKU got started in Germany and how they came to the US to reduce emissions – 2:10
  • How Pioneer Natural Resources became EKU’s first pilot customer – 5:45
  • How a startup founder like Edward navigates O&G cycles – 9:10
  • How EKU was able to co-develop an E-frack system with O&G partners – 11:30
  • Vulcan? Sophia? Ruth? Nora? Atlas? Cerberus? How EKU names its products – 13:40
  • EKU’s biggest challenge is hiring; Ed explains where he finds new talent – 21:00
  • How E-frack will reduce the carbon and energy intensity of shale oil development – 29:00
  • How new technologies and business models will improve energy equity across the energy industry – 32:00
  • How EKU and other technology developers work with regulators such as the EPA to help balance energy access with emissions reduction – 37:50
  • How the founding teams can create luck for themselves – 44:12
EKU Power Drives Website: ekupd.com

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