EP: 24 Elevate Your Simulation Game with Scott Parent, AI, and Ansys

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? Ready to elevate your simulation know-how? Scott Parent from Ansys joins the Energy Bites podcast trio, John Kalfayan, Aka Rad Dad, and Bobby Neelon, for a not-to-be-missed conversation that dives into the energy-technology nexus! ?

In this electrifying episode, discover how Ansys is driving innovation in the energy sector with cutting-edge tech stacks. Scott Parent, field CTO at Ansys, shares his profound insights on mechanical engineering, the transformative power of curiosity in science, and the crucial role of simulation across various industries.

Key Takeaways:
– Dive into Scott’s journey from experimenting with electricity to shaping the future with Ansys.
– Explore the impact of simulation on product evolution, from aerospace to energy.
– Unwrap the potential of multi-physics models and their relevance in today’s tech landscape.
– Get industry insights on the dichotomy between startups and giant corporations in innovating and adopting new tech.
– A contrarian approach to the simulation game – learn why efficiency is the true unsung hero of the energy industry.

Guest Bio: Scott Parent, field CTO at Ansys, is a mechanical engineering maestro with a career spanning GE, BP, and Baker Hughes. With a passion for pushing the boundaries of simulation, Scott’s expertise in computational acoustics, structural mechanics, and vibration space is revolutionizing the simulation space.

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0:00 – Podcast Introduction
1:05 – Scott’s Energy & Tech Journey
5:01 – Big Co & Startup Collaboration
11:14 – M&A Strategies in Energy Tech
17:45 – ANSYS Acquisition Insights
22:09 – M&A Culture Integration
24:04 – Workforce Diversity Benefits
26:00 – Leadership Impact on Innovation
27:50 – ANSYS Customer Innovation Support
30:48 – Decision-Making Influence in Tech
33:10 – Connect with Scott Parent
36:58 – Frac Interference Discussion
38:52 – Advancements in Material Science
44:08 – ANSYS Role in Energy Sector
48:25 – Cross-Industry Technological Impact
49:20 – Learning from Diverse Industries
52:54 – Energy Sector Automation Trends
56:02 – Energy Circuit Board Analysis
59:45 – Fostering a Culture of Innovation
1:03:48 – Energy Efficiency Imperatives
1:05:40 – Energy Addition vs. Transition
1:07:50 – Systems-Level Energy Optimization
1:11:20 – Role of Additive Manufacturing
1:15:40 – AI Applications in Energy
1:17:10 – AI-Driven Part Optimization
1:19:00 – Utilizing Digital Twins
1:20:33 – Scott’s Book Recommendations
1:23:28 – Top ANSYS Tools Highlight
1:25:05 – Reaching Out to Scott Parent
1:25:32 – Episode Conclusion

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