EP 25: Gamifying the Energy Industry with Ryan Rice, Founder of ResNet

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? Dive deep into the electrifying world of energy tech with Ryan Rice, the ingenious Founder of ResNet, on this week’s episode of the Energy Bytes Podcast. Discover how gamification is revolutionizing the energy industry and the tech stacks that are powering this transformation. ?

Key Takeaways:
– The Backstory: Hosts John Kalfayan, Aaka Rad Dad, and Bobby Neelon kick off with candid banter before introducing Ryan Rice and his unique role at ResNet.
– The Problem: The team unpacks the challenges of energy independence and the intricate intersections of technology within the energy sector.
– AI to the Rescue: Ryan Rice shares his journey from the oil fields to founding ResNet, emphasizing the pivotal role of AI and digital tools in enhancing operational efficiency.
– Industry Insights: Delve into the strategies that have allowed companies like ResNet to tackle the volatility of the energy markets through tech innovation.
– A Contrarian Approach: Discover Ryan’s perspective on the build vs. buy debate and ResNet’s mission to deliver user-friendly, game-changing solutions for the energy industry.
– The Future: Ryan gives us a glimpse into the exciting potential of gamification and user experience in driving industry performance.

Guest Bio:
Ryan Rice is the trailblazing founder of ResNet, a company at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence into the energy industry. With a rich background in petroleum engineering and a passion for data-driven solutions, Ryan is reshaping how the sector leverages technology for operational excellence. To learn more about ResNet, check them out at https://www.resnet.ai/.

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0:00 – Introduction to Energy Bytes Podcast
3:58 – ResNet Founding Story
9:49 – Motivations Behind Starting ResNet
12:20 – Pioneering Energy Tech Innovations
19:20 – Enhancing Industry Transparency
26:25 – Tech Evolution in Energy Sector
28:32 – Citizen Developer Impact
31:13 – Navigating Business Uncertainties
34:07 – Role of Empathy in Tech
36:40 – Technology Decision Making
42:50 – Arps Decline Curve Customization
44:40 – Distribution Normalization Techniques
46:40 – Machine Learning Explainability
47:57 – Simplifying Non-Linear Equations
49:40 – Comparing Physical and Statistical Models
52:30 – The Need for Model Explainability
55:20 – ResNet Business Insights
56:45 – Design Philosophy of ResX Platform
59:54 – ResX Platform Benefits Overview
1:06:45 – Gamification in ResFrac’s Design
1:07:28 – Importance of User Experience
1:08:28 – Gamification Experience at Rice Energy
1:17:57 – Quick-Fire Question Round
1:19:49 – Social Media Recommendations
1:20:28 – Favorite Coding Packages
1:20:52 – Personal Preferences: Mountain vs Beach
1:21:16 – Career Advice in Energy Tech
1:23:00 – Connecting with Ryan Rice
1:23:33 – Contacting ResiNet

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