EP 27: Alex Fortin Spills: How Coldbore is Changing the Frac Game

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? Discover how Coldbore is revolutionizing the fracking industry with their groundbreaking technology, as revealed by CTO Alex Fortin in this explosive episode of Energy Bytes! ?

Dive deep into the heart of innovation with Alex Fortin, the visionary CTO of Coldbore Technologies, who spills the beans on how their cutting-edge tech stacks are transforming the world of fracking. In a controversial yet uplifting narrative, learn how Coldbore’s approach challenges conventional methods and sets new benchmarks for efficiency and sustainability in the energy sector.

Key Takeaways:
– The Backstory: Uncover Alex’s unconventional journey to becoming a tech innovator in the oil and gas sector.
– The Problem: Grasp the complex challenges that plagued traditional fracking operations.
– AI to the Rescue: Be amazed by how Coldbore leverages AI and advanced tech to solve industry-wide problems.
– Industry Insights: Gain rare insights into the future of energy and technology from a leading expert.
– A Contrarian Approach: Discover why Coldbore’s unconventional methods are making waves and what it means for the future of energy.

Guest Bio: Alex Fortin, the CTO of Coldbore Technologies, brings an extraordinary blend of scientific curiosity and technological prowess to the energy industry. With a career marked by innovation and a passion for solving complex problems, Alex stands at the forefront of the tech revolution in oil and gas, driving change and pushing boundaries.

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Prepare to have your mind blown by the seismic shift Coldbore is initiating in the fracking game – it’s a game-changer you don’t want to miss!

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0:00 – Intro Energy Bytes Podcast
2:58 – Alex Fortin Coldbore Background
9:16 – Coldbore Technology Overview
11:54 – Energy Data Wrangling
15:04 – Data Synchronization in Energy
19:22 – Non-Productive Time (NPT) Analysis
20:19 – Edge Computing vs Cloud in Energy
23:13 – Energy Tech Lessons Learned
27:10 – Consuming Coldbore Data
31:13 – Data Management: Shared Rows
32:39 – Introduction to DuckDB
34:16 – Time Series Databases in Energy
40:35 – Cognite Technology Stack
44:50 – Why Cognite Chooses Rust
53:16 – Alex’s Favorite Social Media
53:42 – Preferred Cloud Providers
54:04 – Top Vacation Destinations
54:47 – Favorite Programming Languages
55:05 – Best Managed Services
56:10 – Connecting with Alex Fortin

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