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Nada Ahmed

Jason Ethier

Sergio Tuberquia, the CEO and founder of equipcast, joins us to discuss their product, Digi Engineer, which addresses the energy skills gap using advanced technology.

By combining proprietary algorithms, modeling capabilities, and generative AI, Digi Engineer matches subject matter expertise with asset data to enhance operational understanding and decision-making. The platform utilizes real-time data from sensors to provide insights and alerts related to asset performance. Inputs can be anything already used by operators from temperature and pressure to vibration and the weather. It enables field operators to make more informed decisions, optimize resource allocation, and improve safety.

Here’s what to expect:
  • Sergio Tuberquia discusses the problem of the talent gap in the energy industry, particularly as subject matter experts retire and millennials show less interest in working in the field.
  • Sergio explains how equipcast’s Digi Engineer product leverages proprietary algorithms and modeling capabilities to bridge the skills gap.
  • Digi Engineer integrates asset data with subject matter expertise to provide real-time insights and alerts based on parameters like vibration, weather, and temperature.
  • The platform allows field operators to have a better understanding of asset performance and make more effective decisions, ultimately optimizing resource allocation and improving operational efficiency.
  • Sergio emphasizes the potential of Digi Engineer to act as a force multiplier, enabling field operators to accomplish the work of multiple individuals and drive better outcomes.
  • The episode highlights the importance of embracing technology and innovation in the energy industry and discusses the changing landscape of the sector.
  • The conversation touches on the cultural shift happening in Houston’s innovation ecosystem and the challenges and opportunities in attracting the younger generation to the traditional oil and gas sector.
  • Sergio shares the journey of equipcast, from its founding in 2016 to its current product offering, and highlights the value of their approach in the context of the energy transition.
  • The episode concludes with a discussion on the significance of real-world results and partnerships in contributing to the industry’s transformation and attracting investor interest.

In this episode we have a special co-host, Nada Ahmed, filling in while Lara is in Hawaii!

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