Eunike Ventures on Energy Tech Startups

Nada Ahmed

Jason Ethier

Eunike Ventures is a Global Energy Platform for Technology Acceleration, Adoption & Commercialization. Amy and Thomas seek innovative technologies that transcend across the entire spectrum of the energy value chain and apply their industry insight to bringing technologies to market.
Amy and Thomas discuss:
  • What it means to work with Eunike Ventures — 1:20
  • An example of how Nesh went through Eunike’s process to grow — 4:40
  • What makes Eunike’s unique — 10:20
  • How Eunike works effectively with a consortium of strategic partners — 15:30
  • Why the energy industry is viewed as hesitant to innovate and how that conflicts with entrepreneur’s need to move fast — 21:20
  • How many times do you need to talk to a customer to get to a pilot in the energy industry — 27:15
  • How mid-cap energy companies are thinking about the energy transition and getting to net-zero operations — 32:00
  • How startups thinking about engaging with grid utilities should approach the TX market (ERCOT) — 35:45
  • How energy incumbents view changes in the value chain and think about the breadth of infrastructure required to facilitate the energy transition — 42:50
  • Where Eunike looks for the best startups to work with energy companies — 47:30
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