From 3D to 4D: The Evolution of Seismic Data with Deborah Sacrey

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This week we sat down with Deborah Sacrey, a geologist with over 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry to delve into various aspects of the energy industry with a particular focus on seismic data, machine learning, and the role of technology in the field. This episode provides an in-depth look at seismic data’s critical importance, the integration of machine learning, and what the future holds for the energy sector.

Main Talking Points:

-Sacrey’s 30+ years in geology inform her consulting work.
-Seismic data is crucial for effective drilling.
-The shift to 3D seismic data has improved mapping.
-Machine learning refines seismic analysis.
-4D seismic data is the industry’s next step.
-Sacrey moved her office before Hurricane Harvey and advocates for public education in the energy sector.

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