From Marcellus to Permian: Navigating the Energy Labyrinth with JB Bendik

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This week, we dive deep with JB Bendik, a seasoned professional with extensive experience in the energy sector, hailing from Pittsburgh and having significant ties to both the Marcellus and Permian basins.

This episode dives into:

  1. JB’s Introduction: Understanding who JB Bendik is and his “why” in the energy sector.
  2. The Evolution of JB’s Career: From political science to commodities broker to the energy sector.
  3. Comparing Marcellus and Permian: The differences in terrain, culture, and technical aspects between these two major oil and gas regions.
  4. Regulatory Environments: The contrast between Pennsylvania’s strict regulations and Texas’s more lenient approach.
  5. Water Management in Permian: The challenges and opportunities of managing water in an arid region.
  6. The Start of Oil: A historical perspective on the origins of oil in Pennsylvania and its influence on Texas.
  7. Future of Oil and Gas: Speculations on industry consolidations and the direction the energy sector might take in the next 5-10 years, with a focus on sustainability.

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