From Oilfields to the Boardroom: Navigating the Technological Revolution in Energy

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This week on Energy 101, we had the privilege of speaking with Hema Prapoo, Microsoft’s Worldwide Oil and Gas Leader. She shares her perspective on the energy industry, emerging technologies, and skills needed for the future based on her extensive experience spanning field engineering, entrepreneurship, and now tech.

Key Points:

  • Discusses her career journey and the importance of having goals, mentors, and being open to new directions
  • Technology enables real-time data vs months before, but the challenge is making sense of vast data
  • Solving the energy trilemma requires collaboration between energy and tech
  • Policy incentives drive decarbonization but competitiveness shouldn’t prevent collaboration
  • The workforce needs both digital skills and human strengths like empathy
  • Exciting technologies: AI, quantum computing, industrial metaverse applications
  • Microsoft partners to help energy companies meet sustainability goals
  • Maintaining work-life balance and vacation time is key

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