From West Point to Oil Wells: Jeff Tounge’s Journey of Leadership and Energy

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In this episode of “What the Funk,” we have an engaging conversation with Jeff Tounge, a West Point graduate and former field artillery officer, who shares his journey from military service to becoming deeply involved in the oil and gas industry, all while maintaining his roots in Maine.

This episode dives into:
  1. Jeff Tounge’s Background: Exploring Jeff’s upbringing in Portland, Maine, his time at West Point, and his transition from military service to the civilian world.
  2. Military Experience and Transition: Discussing the discipline, leadership, and camaraderie Jeff experienced during his service, including two tours in Iraq, and how these experiences shaped his career path.
  3. Entering the Oil and Gas Industry: How Jeff’s post-military career led him to the oil and gas sector, starting with a small exploration and production company and growing into a deeper involvement in the industry.
  4. The Connection Between Military Service and Oil and Gas: Reflecting on the similarities between the military and the oil and gas industry, including the discipline, risk environment, and global scale of operations.
  5. Challenges of Transitioning to Civilian Life: Jeff’s insights into the process of transitioning from military service to civilian life, including the support systems available and the importance of finding a career path that aligns with one’s interests and values.
  6. Navigating the Oil and Gas Industry from Maine: The unique perspective of being deeply involved in the oil and gas industry while living in Maine, a region not typically associated with the industry, and the reactions and misconceptions Jeff encounters.
  7. Jeff’s Vision for the Future: A glimpse into Jeff’s current projects, his passion for the industry, and his commitment to making a meaningful impact through his work in oil and gas.
This episode offers a unique look into the life of someone who has successfully bridged the gap between military service and a thriving career in the oil and gas industry, all while staying true to his New England roots.

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