Getting Down and Nerdy on Frac Chems

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In this episode, we welcome guest expert Kye Yocham from Fluid Energy. We delve deep into the intriguing world of frac chemicals, shedding light on their significance within the oil and gas sector.

Main talking points:

  1. Drilling and Its Chemical Essence:
    • The discussion elucidates the fundamental role of drilling mud in lifting debris from drill holes, and the importance of barium sulfate in preventing drill hole collapses.
  2. Chemical Evolution in the Industry:
    • Tracing the sector’s transition from crosslinked fluid to slick water applications, the talk emphasizes the increasing significance of surfactants in oil and gas extraction.
  3. Safety and Environmental Priorities:
    • The emphasis on safety was evident. Highlights included discussions on safer alternatives to raw hydrochloric acid and the pivotal role of post-fracking water treatment.
  4. Public Insight via FracFocus:
    • As a nod to those concerned about the chemicals involved in the process, the FracFocus website is highlighted as a trusted resource for public transparency into the chemicals used in fracking.

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