Hidden Crisis: The Untold Story of Artsakh’s Geopolitical Tug-of-War

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In this deeply insightful episode, Nareg Soghomonian delves into the pressing humanitarian crisis unfolding in Artsakh, Armenia. Nareg shares a personal account of a colleague’s brother from Artsakh who has mysteriously gone missing, highlighting the urgency of the situation. The conversation then pivots to the broader geopolitical conflict in the region, emphasizing its significant impact on global energy, oil, and gas prices. Despite the gravity of the situation, there’s a glaring lack of media attention, especially in the U.S., which Nareg finds deeply concerning.

The episode further explores the intricate web of energy interests in the region, with major corporations like BP, Chevron, and others having stakes in pipelines, yet remaining conspicuously silent on the ongoing human rights abuses. As the blockade in Artsakh intensifies, leading to massive displacements and numerous missing persons, Nareg passionately urges listeners to raise awareness. He emphasizes that this isn’t merely an Armenian issue but a global human rights concern, calling for collective action through contacting state representatives and amplifying the message on social media.

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