Ian Bishop on Energy Tech Startups

Nada Ahmed

Jason Ethier

Ian Bishop is the CEO and co-founder of Elemental Recycling (ER). Elemental has developed a single step process to recycle all plastics and tires into hydrogen and graphite /graphene. The process is also patented for electronics and greenhouse gases and has the potential to solve single stream recycling challenges while making money for plant operators.
Ian Explores:
  • How Ian and Ron made one small change with a Ph.D. chemist and developed a critical innovation for recycling – 1:15
  • How a culture of tinkering started with inventing an automated Margarita Machine – 3:35
  • How the Elemental Recycling process works – 6:08
  • How their new process enables ER to monetize waste streams differently – 13:09
  • Why this process can save the world – 18:27
  • Why mass producing graphene (an output of the ER process) is a game-changing material – 21:40
  • Why Houston has such a strong entrepreneurial spirit – 29:25
  • Why the ION district is a hidden gem in Houston – 36:25
  • What the basics are which entrepreneur needs to learn – 43:30

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