INOVUES on Energy Tech Startups

Nada Ahmed

Jason Ethier

In this insightful episode, Anas Al Kassas, CEO of INOVUES, discusses the company’s innovative approach to architectural and facade engineering. With a rich 15-year background in architectural and facade engineering, Anas delves deep into the company’s mission to revolutionize building facades. INOVUES energy-saving and smart glass innovations is pioneering a change in the industry. Anas delves into the technology’s core value proposition, its potential impact on building owners, and the importance of early backers in bringing such innovations to market.
Key Takeaways:
  • Anas Al Kassas is at the helm of INOVUES, a company that offers a groundbreaking solution to upgrade building facades without removal, replacement, or disruption.
  • The technology can reduce the payback period for facade projects from potentially 100 years to as low as three years.
  • INOVUES addresses common window failures by creating a barrier that mitigates temperature differences, extending window lifespan, and allowing aesthetic upgrades.
  • Energy efficiency is pivotal for the future, especially with laws like New York’s Local Law 97 emphasizing the need for sustainable solutions.
  • Anas highlights the importance of spreading awareness and educating building owners about the benefits of their technology.
  • The company is actively seeking early backers and investors to support their mission and bring their solutions to a broader market.
  • Connect with Anas Al Kassas via email at anas@inovues.com or on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter.

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